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    Erectile Dysfunction: Diagnosis & Tests

    Erectile Dysfunction: Diagnosis & TestsErection is a result of difficult process blood vessels and nervous system participates in that. When a man is sexually excited, the arteries of penis broaden, providing enhanceable inflow of blood to him. At the same time of deep is vein of penis squeezed, limiting the outflow of blood. At a greater inflow and less outflow of blood a penis increases - erection develops. As there is a great number of reasons of origin of impotence, your treating doctor can use a few different tests, to diagnose disorder and appoint treatment. 

    Effective treatment can be appointed only after establishment of reason of impotence. Before to send you on passing of some tests, a doctor must study your medical map and conduct a medical close-up. A doctor also can put question to you, touching your personal and sexual life. Some of these questions can seem to you too intimate and even improper. Nevertheless, important, that you answered on them honestly. For diagnostics of type of erectile disfunction after examination of patient the global analyses of blood and urine are conducted, investigate the secret of prostate gland, the level of sexual hormones is determined in blood. The special roentgenologic and ultrasonic researches of penis are then conducted. On the whole the inspection of patients with erectile disfunction is long, but painlessly enough and easily carried by patients. 

    There is a row of preparations a step-up general tone of organism, arteriotony and by implication making better a blood stream in a penis. Extracts and tinctures of ginseng, eleutherococcus, gold root, wolfberry, Pantocrinum behave to them. It is well-proven that the improvement of arterial blood stream of penis takes place at application of preparations of yohimbine. Till recently basic preparation being used for treatment of impotence was a yohimbine. Efficiency of his application does not exceed 10%. The necessity of the protracted application of preparation (from a few months to year) and subzero efficiency of treatment do this methodology hardly applicable. 

    A testimony for application is only psychogenic impotence. For treatment of impotence used and domestic /natural remedies that and till today use wide demand are used. However only in 70th the implants of penis, that provide stable erection, appeared of the last century. The first pharmacological effective means of treatment of impotence was Viagra (sildenafil) appearing in 90th of the last century and being not only the record-holder of sales but also object of public attention. Erectile disfunction is characterized by impossibility to support erection. In case that a patient has normal erection in the early morning or during a dream, it testifies to psychogenic reasons to erection, while absence of such erection testifies to the presence of disease, often to cardiovascular pathology.